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Perfected Artist…Morteza Katouzian

Morteza Katouzian – that’s his name. He’s from Iran, and to me, he is one of the perfected artists alive in this era. His paintings are phenomenal, masterly, and timeless. His drawings are also excellent. Actually, he’s one of my favorite artist of all time. By the way, one important mindset is to truly and fairly appreciate great artist from all over the world. I think beauty is beauty. Sure, there are many manifestations of beauty, but if you only look at the artworks of those from your country and culture…or from a certain time-period, you will definitely be limited in your creation. Now, we wouldn’t want that, would we?

Please check out his website:

Here are some works of his, to whet your apetite for this man’s colors and brushstrokes on canvas.


Day 7: Perfected Artists – Claudio Bravo

Claudio Bravo is a significant and perfected painter I discovered about four or five months ago. I say ‘perfected’ because from looking at his paintings, his finesse is perfect. What can one suggest he improve on? His paintings look as close to reality as humanly possible, and he painted challenging compositions and still life paintings. He has absolutely mastered painting elements like skin/flesh tones, drapery, wood, stone, glass, clouds, and more.

Here are some of his works…I encourage you to look on the web for more of his paintings…



This is a very crafty and skillful tribute to Vermeer’s ‘The Astronomer’…notice how now, the globe has been replaced with a telescope. Bravo!


The depiction of wood in these ‘Mortars and Pestles’ is impeccable.
By the way Mortar and Pestles(the wooden shaft and ‘bowl’ used for pounding) are staples in Africa. Very common in Nigeria. Claudio lived in Morocco, so I think this kitchen tool definitely is used there too.


Nice, luminous, glowing, smooth…like the Dutch Golden Age Masters’ painting style (e.g. Rubens)